How It Works was developed to provide participants
with technical oriented training in an entertaining and easy to understand way.

The website and learning modules were set up to facilitate ease of use through the intuitive design of the system. Employers and students have the ability to purchase one class for themselves, or enough classes to train their entire organization.

Upon successful completion of a specific course, students will instantly be issued a printable certificate and wallet card for their records. These records will be stored on the website, so students can log back in to access their certificate or wallet card if they lose their originals.

Employers have the ability assign classes to their employees, and can then monitor their progress.

  • Choose online training course

    Choose online training course you wish to take yourself or to train members of your organization. Upon successful completion all trainees receive instant online certification.

  • Purchase single or multiple licenses

    One license can be used only by one trainee. To train number of students you should purchase equal amount of licenses.

  • Assign students for training courses

    If you purchase multiple licenses, assign these licenses to members of your organization as needed. Licenses can be reassigned to other members of your organization at any time before the final exam has been taken.

  • Monitor training progress online

    Monitor training progress of your students online at any time.

  • Download and print certificates

    Upon successful completion of the training curriculum trainees receive personal numbered certification. Certificate and wallet card copies can be downloaded, printed and stored locally in a form of high resolution printable PDF documents.

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