DH Glabe and Associates launches new online osha scaffold training platform

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DENVER – DH Glabe & Associates, the country’s leader in construction engineering and the foremost provider of technically oriented training and consultation services, announced today the launch of its new online OSHA scaffold safety training program, www.osha-training.com.

The platform is the only scaffold certification curriculum of its kind available to contractors, engineers, government agencies and suppliers provided in a 3D, high definition and interactive format. The module is self-guided, available on-demand and costs less than most other similar training courses.

“The lack of quality education and training available for skilled workers is a big issue facing our country today,” said Jared Thompson, managing partner of DH Glabe & Associates. “Employers are tasked with the time consuming and expensive duty of training their employees for numerous hazards in order to comply with OSHA regulations, including scaffold user training. Our platform allows students to complete this training from the comfort of home while being presented with virtual reality demonstrations that surpass the experience of hands-on classes.

“This new platform is geared toward the new generation of workers who have grown up in a digital world and are technologically savvy,” he added.

David Glabe, P.E., founder and partner of DH Glabe & Associates, explains that students using the new platform “will not hear a regurgitated version of the OSHA standards, but will instead learn the ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’ of the scaffold standards and how to apply them in a practical manner on the jobsite.

“Because of the quality of animation that grounds our curriculum, it is no longer necessary to perform in-person training for basic scaffold user hazard awareness,” he added. “The 3D virtual tour gives students an experience that they would never see otherwise. When you’re talking about safety, exposure to real world applications makes all the difference.”

The DH Glabe & Associates interactive 3D learning curriculum and training is intended for the students, companies and organizations that are serious about safety. The site design promotes retention of knowledge by keeping students entertained and engaged by the training curriculum. All videos are presented in streaming 3D high definition quality with all content developed by the experts at DH Glabe & Associates. Employers and students can choose to purchase one class or classes for multiple employees, and progress is easily monitored along the way. Students can stop and start lessons at their convenience, with the full class requiring around four hours to complete. Upon completion, students or training supervisors can instantly print out certifications and wallet cards for their records, enabling workers to arrive at a job site fully trained and OSHA-compliant for scaffold use. The retail cost of the program is $99 per student, but corporate discount rates are available for larger groups.

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