Improvements for Nestle

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DH Glabe & Associates have recently completed a structural analysis and fall protection design at Nestlé’s 325,000-sq.-ft frozen food manufacturing facility located in Jonesboro, Arkansas. This multi-million dollar plant is currently home to around 1,000 workers, with plans to double that amount in the future. DHG was contracted by Nestle to provide a comprehensive fall protection design to ensure a safe work environment for all Nestle employees. The DHG team worked directly with Nestle engineers to proactively identify possible fall hazards so appropriate improvements could be made. DHG developed a series of innovative solutions for each unique scenario throughout the plant which consisted of single point anchors, guardrails, and a track & trolley system that will allow workers to safely access areas for routine maintenance operations.

DHG partnered with Nestle engineers to develop a design that would not only meet their fall protection needs, but one that would ensure food safety standards in the plant as well. As this plant is a food preparation facility, sanitation and cleanliness are top priorities. In order to accommodate the strict standards set forth by Nestle, DHG engineers incorporated stainless steel into many of the fall protection devices that will be installed. The stainless steel is not only rugged enough to ensure the systems meet all ANSI and OSHA standards regarding fall protection, but durable enough to withstand corrosion from the chemicals used during daily cleaning operations.

Nestle is an international company that employs over 330,000 people in over 150 countries. The Jonesboro Plant is just one of 461 operations or plants that Nestle runs worldwide. Established in 1866, Nestle is the parent company of notable brands such as Lean Cuisine, Kit Kat, and Dreyer’s.

“This was a challenging project that presented many engineering and logistical challenges. It was a great experience working with the folks at Nestle to create a safer work environment for the employees at the plant.” Zach Forster, P.E.

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